Ayesha Curry's honesty during Red Table Talk interview sparks criticism

On Monday, a new episode of Jada Pinkett's hit Facebook Watch Show, Red Table Talk, aired. The episode featured hosts Jada, her daughter Willow, and her mother Adrienne sitting down with the lovely women and NBA wives of the Curry men: Ayesha Curry (Steph's wife), Sonya Curry (Steph's mom and wife of Former NBA player Wardell Curry Sr), Sydel Curry (Wardell and Sonya's daughter, who is newly married to an NBA player as well), and Callie Rivers (fiancee of Seth Curry). I loved EVERYTHING about this episode! The women have an amazing chemistry and were all so refreshingly honest about their experiences with being supportive of their successful husbands while finding their own way as well.

The ladies posing for a selfie after their awesome interview for Red Table Talk.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, ALL the media and #BlackTwitter have been able to focus on is roughly 30 seconds of this beautiful 27 minute interview: At the 13:04 mark, in Ayesha Curry's response to Jada's question regarding how the Curry women deal with women throwing themselves at their men, she admitted that it does kind of bother her/make her feel a little insecure that men don't show her any attention whatsoever. "I mean, I don't WANT it, but it would be kind of nice to know that someone's looking", Ayesha says. All of the women laugh, and Mama Sonya says "Oh, they're looking, you just don't know it"! Jada admits that she dealt with that same insecurity when she was younger as well.

Yesterday, Ayesha Curry was one of the top trending topics on Twitter...again! At least once a year (typically during NBA playoff season), #BlackTwitter finds a reason to crucify Ayesha Curry over some trivial matter and it's getting OLD! Since Monday's episode aired, there have been thousands of tweets, Facebook Live videos, statuses, memes, and etc blasting the Cover Girl/Chef/Wife/Mother of 3! Most of the criticism is coming from men saying things like "Women ain't NEVER satisfied! What else does she want Steph to do"?! Some men on Twitter were even saying that "Steph should leave her dumb behind"! WHOA! That escalated quickly! Dramatic much??? This is why we women have these conversations amongst one another, in our journals, or on our therapist's couch! Men typically cannot handle the average emotions of women without either 1) Taking them personally, or 2) Jumping straight into "fix it" mode, when we're really just venting.

Fellas, let me help y'all out! Here's the thing. Yes, Ayesha Curry is a happily married woman with a life that most women would LOVE to have! She and her husband are worth MILLIONS of dollars, they have 3 beautiful children, and she is a budding mogul in her own right. So why could she possibly be having anxiety/insecurities (I mean besides the fact that she's a red-blooded human being like the rest of us)? Here are a few reasons:

1) Her husband Steph is SUPER famous, attractive, successful, and rich! As a result, he is like catnip to these desperate, uncouth broads out here in these streets! These groupies would do ANYTHING to trade places with Ayesha (even try and seduce her husband in the middle of a GAME)!

Instagram model staring Steph down like a lion looking at a piece of steak during a playoff game.

2) Ayesha has given birth to 3 kids! All of her kids are ages 6 & under (the youngest isn't even a year old). Her husband is an NBA player, which means that he is GONE for several months out of the year! *And again, while he's home AND while he's gone, he is getting attention from women like the one pictured above. Any women who has given birth can tell you that our bodies are NOT the same afterwards! It takes FOREVER to get back into the shape that we were in before we had kids (and some of us never do)! We tend to feel more than a little self-conscious about our weight and looks as women anyway, but after having kids??? Yeah, multiply those feelings times 10!

3) Steph Curry's job requires him to be gone for days and WEEKS at a time for SEVERAL months of the year. So the bulk of household responsibilities, child rearing, and etc falls on Ayesha MOST of the time. In addition, she has her own career to manage as a chef/Food Network personality, Cover Girl ambassador, & etc! That's a LOT! I could see how balancing all of that could be anxiety-producing at times.

4) People LOVE to hate her! *I may do a separate blog post on this topic altogether because the level of cyber-bullying and vitriol that this beautiful young woman gets is just UNREAL! When you are in the limelight the way the Curry's are, you have to deal with haters on a WHOLE other level! And even the most saved, sanctified, secure, sane people can struggle with self-esteem issues when hundreds of people at a time are saying negative things about you (especially as a woman when the negativity target your looks)!

And these are just the issues that we KNOW about! This whole notion of assuming that just because someone is worth millions of dollars they are somehow void of feelings, emotions, and such needs to STOP! Ironically, May is Mental Health Awareness month. Yeah. During a month where we are literally encouraging people to practice self-awareness and seek help if they need to (be it from a therapist, trusted friend, family, or ALL of the above) instead of suffering in silence, Ayesha did just that...and got DRAGGED for it! SMH! Empathy over judgment people! We've got to do better!

Being the gracious woman that she is, Ayesha seems to be taking it all in stride. Read her response to her haters below:

Ayesha, thank you SO MUCH for being brave enough to share your truth & inspiring others to do the same! Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow, and Adrienne Norris (aka "Gammy"), thank you all SO MUCH for your groundbreaking show, Red Table Talk! You all give us the courage to have much-needed conversations for personal growth!

What are your thoughts on this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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