H&M launches new "Modest" clothing line

Retail clothing giant H & M recently announced the launch of their new “modest” clothing line. Immediately, my “side-eye” elevated because H&M is a VERY fashion forward clothing line already, but someone felt the need to create a WHOLE other “modest fashion line”?? Ok. I must admit, everything in me prepared myself to be greeted with overwhelming fabric that looked like drapes or a tablecloth that you would find strewn across your Great-Aunt Edna’s dining room table! But then, I thought “Well, this IS H&M. How bad could it be”?


I don't even know where to BEGIN!!!! Everyone responsible for this travesty SHOULD. BE. FIRED!!!! This is beyond ugly! Who is this line for???? Even The Golden Girls wore more fashionable clothes than this!!! The model wearing these clothes even looks like "Are you kidding me?? Whatever. Just snap my pics and run me my check"!

H&M, y'all play TOO MUCH! As my mother used to say "I wouldn't wear that to a dog fight"! Stuff like this is why I wrote my book "Virtue Chic: Classy Takes Center Stage"! You do NOT have to dress like a "Homely Hilda" in order to be modest! Really, all they have to do was add some knee-length skirts, shirts and blouses with round neck lines (or v-necks that don't plunge to far down), jeans that aren't low-rise, & a few dope A-line dresses and call it a day!

To add further insult to injury, read this Cosmopolitan article for a GOOD chuckle as they rave on and on about these unflattering clothes like they're the HOTTEST thing they've ever seen!

SMH!!! Cosmo, y'all ain't gotta lie to kick it. The clothes are ugly. There, I said it.

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