The #MeToo Movement: Why the church MUST have this conversation

Here’s the thing: This blog/brand “Virtue Chic” proudly champions glorifying God in the way that we dress as women. That’s truly the BEST way that I can explain it because that’s what “modesty vs immodesty” is all about. Each day, when we get dressed and present ourselves to the world, we are either glorifying God (“I can look fly and fashion forward without embarrassing myHeavenly Father out here in these streets”!) OR glorifying our flesh (“Look at my body”. “I’m sexy and proud of it!” “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”)! Period. It sounds simple because it IS! However, the reason that this VERY biblical concept is drawing resentment, not only from secular feminist movements & etc, but also from modern-day CHRISTIANS, is because of the “way” in which this information is presented to young women in most churches.

Too often the focus lies solely on:

-telling women that they want to make sure that they aren’t dressing in a way that is causing others to stumble (which is TRUE, but not the most important reason, which I have just stated above).

-telling women that make-up, perms/relaxers, and/or jewelry is a sin.

-telling women that wearing pants is a sin (in some denominations).

-telling women (or implying) that if they don’t wear pantyhose, they must somehow be the WORST kind of tramp breathing Earth’s oxygen and they’re subject to seducing the deacon board of the church & Lord knows who else!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least…

Telling women a laundry list of things that they must do to be modest and walk in purity….while telling men either very little, or even worse... NOTHING AT ALL!

Excluding men from conversations around modesty and purity has resulted in some MAJOR problems for men both in and outside of the walls of the church! You would have to have been living under a rock for the past year or so if you haven’t heard countless stories of very powerful men being brought down to their knees and losing their jobs/positions left and right after women have finally found their collective voice and come forward in droves to expose these men for sexual assault and/or harassment! While the #MeToo campaign was originally launched years ago by Tarana Burke back when the hashtag was still known as the pound sign, actress Alyssa Milano catapulted it back BIG time! As soon as the #MeToo hashtag exploded onto the social media scene, I thought “The church is gonna be next, and then the poo is REALLY gonna hit the fan!”

Sure enough, the #ChurchToo hashtag is slowly gaining ground. This recent story about Memphis megachurch pastor Andy Savage taking advantage of a minor just days before teaching a “True Love Waits” workshop is just stomach-churning and heartbreaking! But the saddest part about this story is the huge “cover-up” mission by the church leadership to save face after the young lady finally mustered up the courage to come forward!

The same HUGE character flaw exists between these secular men and men of the “cloth” who are now being exposed: Pride. When you are in a position of power or influence, there is a LOT of responsibility that comes along with it! You MUST have people who hold you accountable for your actions. And when and if you mess up, the very BEST thing for you to do is repent/ask God for forgiveness, and accept FULL responsibility for your actions. So many times, powerful men in the church have abused their power and had affairs, sexually assaulted/molested women (and men) and gotten a proverbial “slap on the wrist” so as to keep up appearances and protect the “image” of the church. Well, God is not interested in “keeping up appearances”. He’s interested in clean hands and pure hearts…not just from his daughters, but ESPECIALLY from the hearts of the sons to whom He gave the responsibility of providing for, and protecting His Queens. It is important as a collective body of Christ that our purity movements and heart-to-heart talks include our men (young and old) so that they don’t find themselves in the position where their gifts and talents have taken them to places where their character cannot sustain them. Integrity is key. Selah.

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